Melina Dress Set

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  • Rp 1.400.000
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Product Description:

This classic timeless dress and cardigan set brings some sophistication to comfort. Accessorize with a necklace or simply just keep it, well simple. 

Made from 100% soft nonitchy Acrylic, Semi-handmade through our hand-operated knitting machine. Made through sustainable means, no over production, fair wages and build to last. 


Colour: Denim

Free Size

Cardigan (NSB Cardigan)

Total Shoulder width x Sleeve length x 1/2Chest 

- Free size (41cm x 66cm x 59cm)

Melina Dress 

Shoulder x 1/2Chest x Waist x Neck width 

- Free size (16cm x 41,5 cm x 48cm x 16,5cm)