Noir Sur Blanc Raya Collection Scarf

  • 100,000.00
  • 100,000.00
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Adored with patterns inspired from middle middle eastern aesthetics with Indonesia’s signature ‘Batik’, we wanted to symbolise harmony & balance through the use of symmetrical patterns.

To ensure comfort for your daily needs, we designed a secure, easy to style scarf that is lightweight & non piling, trimmed using precise laser cutting technology.

- Middle eastern & batik inspired patterns

- Noir Sur Blanc logo

- Lightweight

- Easy to style

- Non piling

- Laser cut trimming

Size Measurement

Length x Width

- One size (110 cm x 110 cm)

Care Instructions:

1. Dark colors are washed separately

2. Wash by hand

3. Don't use bleach

4. Don't use a dryer

5. Iron with medium temperature