- oberbruch blend -


A New Yarn Concocted by Noir Sur Blanc

Noir Sur Blanc recently started a yarn mixing experimental chamber, House Blend, trying different techniques to create the perfect yarn for our customers through countless testing, balancing multiple desirable characteristics from different fibers while compensating for the flaws between them, achieving “acme”, incorporating its characteristics to our garment.

The term “House Blend” usually refers to coffee making technique that is unique to every coffee shop, every roaster, and every drinker. That is what makes them so unique and so special. We want to use this term to incorporate the technique used in Coffee making, adopting its ideology for our own unique yarn blending to create the Perfect Blend For You.

Through this project, we proudly presents our very first own yarn, the Oberbruch Blend.


Able to Take Any Shape, with a Soft & Comfortable Feel.

Our Oberbruch Blend is blended using technology that mixes a popular fabric, “Rayon”, and blend it with carefully selected yarns to create a perfect balance of comfort & fit, while being soft & smooth, creating a long lasting garment for you to freely wear for any occasion. 

With its 4-way stretch property, it can take any shape while having high elastic recovery, retaining its original shape after prolonged use, creating the perfect structured stretch.

A Yarn with Smooth Texture & Soft to the Touch.

Our ‘Oberbruch Blend’ is developed with comfortability in mind, soft to the touch with a smooth texture that is comfortable to wear to fit any lifestyle.

To ensure our garments comfortability, we concoct a yarn that focuses on its hand-feel properties, creating a cozy feeling when brushing skin to make you feel snug & pleasant while wearing it.

A 4-Way Stretch Yarn with High Elastic Recovery.

‘Oberbruch Blend’ is made to be perfect for everyday use, to keep you comfortable for any activities. The yarn has 4-way stretch property that can take shape to maximise comfortability at all times, allowing greater freedom of motion while enhancing its durability.

Highly Flexible, while Providing Structure.

To attain a fitted look as well as comfortability for all shapes & sizes, we designed ‘Oberbruch Blend’ to provide more structure for our garments, allowing them to retain their original shape as intended from our designers, while making it stretchy, providing flexibility to each individuals using our garment, getting the best of both worlds.